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Congratulations to our October Employees of the Month- Melissa Wackes (CMI) and Lorraine Molins (Compas) October 3, 2012

Filed under: Corporate — CMI/Compas @ 1:31 pm

       Melissa (left) is a huge asset to our team. In recent months, she has really stepped up and taken a leadership role. She manages client calls and has become the go-to contact for brands. She has done a great job leading 2013 planning across multiple brands while balancing her demanding daily workload.

Lorraine (right) has shown time and time again, to our clients, that she is a hardworking, loyal and a diligent IT rock star.   She has stepped up and completed tasks that are not part of her daily routine. Lorraine has shown that as a member of the IT support team, she is willing to take on all challenges and accept more.


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