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Our November Employees of the Month are Chanin Coyle and Angie Randazzo November 6, 2012

Filed under: Corporate — CMI/Compas @ 12:53 pm

      Since Chanin (left)  has been in the BSD department she has taken the bull by the horns by training all of BSD on the services Compas provides. She works long hours through the day and night just to make sure all the training is accurately detailed. Chanin is very passionate and dedicated to her job. No task is too large and she does this all with a smile and ease.


From the day Angie (right) joined the CMI Team, Angie has taken on numerous brands and campaigns to her plate, and continued to deliver excellent client satisfaction- so much so that they routinely call her name out in appreciation. Her experience and confidence give her voice true credibility and trust with our clients.


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