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Congratulations Dani Barsky February 11, 2013

Filed under: Corporate — CMI/Compas @ 1:52 pm

Dani Barsky pro We are pleased to announce the promotion of Dani Barsky, formerly Assistant Media Planner, to the position of Media Planner. Dani has been a critical asset to the Amylin, Sunovion and Neupro teams in her role as Assistant Media Planner. Her dependability, pro-activeness, attention to detail, and dedication to the business have not gone unnoticed by both her coworkers and her clients. Dani has grown significantly over the past year, and has increased her expertise in all media capabilities. She has been able to complete various plans and projects for her team while also lending a hand in the development of multi-channel media plans for other teams. Dani has proven that she is not only versatile but also a great team player.


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