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Congratulations to our April Employee’s of the Month- Karima Sharif and Theresa Heintz April 1, 2013

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Karima Sharif April 2013

Theresa Heintz April  2013 Karima Sharif (top) has gone above the call of duty in everything she does in addition to going for her MBA in the evening. Karima recommended and got approval on one of the first ByDoctor Inbox projects CMI ever launched. This is another indication of her wealth of knowledge of the products that CMI offers and how best to apply them with our clients business. She has a way of putting people at ease even in intense situations. We can always count on Karima and will always consider her part of the team, even as she transitions off of certain pieces of business.

The highlight of the month was Corporate Learning Day, and the highlight of Corporate Learning Day was Theresa Heintz (bottom). Theresa led the entire day as project manager and logistics expert. This was no small feat. Her stewardship of this event was impressive, as she clearly understood the overall goals and owned almost every detail along the way. Theresa embraced the complexity of this event and navigated us through it with professionalism and grace, learning some tricks of the trade but also making it her own. Theresa faces every project with this same enthusiasm, ownership, and “best people” approach.


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