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The Scoop – iPod Turns 12 | Amazon Delivers Sundays | Generic Safety Information November 11, 2013

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Happy Monday – iPod turned 12 this weekend, as Apple announced it’s working on curved screens and enhanced pressure sensors. Meanwhile, the US Postal Service will begin delivering Amazon packages on Sundays. Is nothing holy? This service will start in New York and Los Angeles before being rolled out nationwide in 2014. 

As Pharma Times reports, FDA “has announced plans to speed up the dissemination of safety information updates for generic drugs, by requiring their makers to use the same process as branded firms to update such information in the product labeling.” 

Thanks to Manager, Insights & Analytics Phil Katz for sharing this interesting branding experiment, where a simple switch of competitor logo colors reveals some interesting results – note how Google’s rainbow retains its power, even over the Yahoo! font. 

Banana Republic put on their fashionable thinking hats for a clever campaign that took advantage of massive buzz around Twitter’s IPO, netting nice attention for the brand – in a Twitter campaign (of course), Banana asked its followers to share why they love Twitter, with the top 5 respondents earning a $100 gift card. It was the top brand receiving tweets about the IPO event, and received 400 tweets in the campaign. 

This overview of how wearable tech needs to go ‘beyond the band’ for consumers has great lessons for us on going ‘beyond the pill,’ including that “The majority of products to this point haven’t successfully married the hardware and the software in such a way that there is anything that actually makes life better, easier, smarter for the consumer.” 

Social media – site by site – explained in the healthcare context: I want to frame this infographic – it’s adorable, yet totally useful.

–Carly Kuper, VP Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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