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The Scoop – Google’s Algorithm and Ad Changes | Solis’ ZMOT | Celebrity Hot News November 12, 2013

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Our top scoop today comes from Director of Search Engine Marketing Justin Freid, who shares: “Google recently announced that they would be changing the algorithm that determines the position of search ads. This algorithm, called Ad Rank, had always been calculated by multiplying your bid by your quality score. Now, Google has announced that the use of ad extensions will be a factor in the position your ad is placed in. For certain ad extensions such as reviews, phone numbers, addresses and even social links can be added to your advertisement. In the pharmaceutical industry, sitelinks are the most widely utilized and legal review friendly ad extension. As a best practice, CMI recommends using appropriate ad extensions for all of our client campaigns. But now that utilizing ad extensions can affect your ad position and the cost you pay per click, it is now more important than ever to include sitelinks and other applicable extensions for all branded and unbranded campaigns.”

Google is hard at work on making ads more targeted, and starting this week will include people’s names and photos in ads shown to them – unless, of course, they opt out.

Social media guru, Altimeter Group principal and fancypants Brian Solis is out with a new book on increasing audience engagement, and summarizes in his blog the next step we must be taking in audience engagement. Starting with Google’s Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT – a great and free book) which is essentially the right place/right time, Solis stresses the importance of a positive experience once reaching the ZMOT. He explains, “Thinking about engagement in that way inspires a different approach for content creation; you want somebody to feel something, not just see it.”

Quite a bit of celeb health to report today – Good Morning America darling Amy Robach had an on-air mammogram as part of the show’s breast cancer awareness programming and was shocked to learn that she has breast cancer. She will undergo a bilateral mastectomy on Thursday and has received an outpouring of support from fans. In other celeb news, Jenny McCarthy is losing quite a few fans as she is known as the celebrity face of the anti-vaccine movement, and one essayist is blaming the former playmate for her own horrible experience with pertussis (aka whooping cough).

The concierge medicine trend is taking an interesting turn as more doctors are finding opportunity with the middle class. Previously concierge docs may have charged up to $30,000 for this dedicated service, but many are modifying the pay scale to about $50 per treatment, much more affordable and offering doctors a wider group of potential patients.

I was remiss to not mention Veteran’s Day yesterday, especially as those I know who fought hard for our freedom were in my thoughts and prayers. In a heartwarming show of compassion, more than 300 people, most currently serving in the armed forces and veterans, attended the funeral of a veteran whose obituary explained he had no family and no mourners.

–Carly Kuper, VP Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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