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The Scoop – New Statin Guidelines | The Right Clicks | Looking a Customer in the Mouth November 13, 2013

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New guidelines to reduce heart attack risk – the first major update in three decades – would make more than 70 million Americans recommended for statins.

Most social sites have pay per click (PPC) models, meaning the first impression is everything in terms of getting the ‘right’ clicks. Search Engine Watch tapped our Director of Search Justin Freid for his insight, who shared the sentiment that although pretty faces can get clicks, it’s most important to focus on content.

Customer insights is at the core of what we do, so it was very exciting when our Media Director Tamara Cane shared this story about a hamburger chain in Japan that took a hard look at its customers and resulted in 200+% sales increases. The video is worth a watch, but essentially they realized that the reason women weren’t buying their largest hamburger was because of the long-held belief in Japan that it is unattractive for women to be seen opening their mouths widely. So they changed their packaging – in a tongue-in-cheek way – to hide their mouths while eating. Fabulous.

One of the hottest new bestsellers – Dave Eggers’ The Circle – explores how far our society should go in sharing our personal health issues for the greater good. Is it more important to have privacy, or to contribute to Big Data? This fiction piece that seems to be based on Google or Facebook takes the potential dark side to the extreme. MedCityNews offers the breakdown. (And by the way, if you don’t have time to read the book, both NY Times and Audible offer a free download of Eggers’ essay based on the book.)

iPhones can allow doctors to practice as they did in the 1950’s argues one doctor, who explains that the main difference in old-time medicine is that it was so much more personal – the doctor/patient connection so much better. Technology today allows doctors more opportunity to connect with patients, even if they’re not in the same room.

The new Russian currency is a squat – to promote fitness as a tie-in to the Olympic Winter Games, subway travelers in Russia can do 30 squats to earn a train ticket.

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