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The Scoop – Search Engine Watch Column | Jawbone UP24 | Car Mechanic Innovation November 14, 2013

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Search Engine Marketing Director Justin Fried’s monthly column for Search Engine Watch is out, and here’s the bottom line (from my point of view) – if you want to know anything about search, ask Justin. His explanation of how to best implement at tiered PPC strategy zoomed over my head.

Also out – this is hot stuff – is the new Jawbone UP24, its first Bluetooth tracker. At $149, it’s competing directly with Nike Flex, and is already getting stellar reviews. Meanwhile, more information (rumors?) out about the Apple iWatch, including that it will have different screen sizes available for men’s beefy wrists and women’s delicate wrists.

Here’s my very favorite innovation story of the week: a car mechanic watching a YouTube video of a wine cork being extracted from a bottle is inspired to invent a similar process for safely extracting babies dangerously stuck in the birth canal. The method is being tested now and potentially will be used around the world.

Just for the record, if I owned Snapchat, I would not turn down $3 Billion from Facebook.

Here’s a quick breakdown of top health news for today: doctors are urged to take obesity more seriously and proactively address it with patients. Around 106,000 people have registered for health plan on For a healthy Thanksgiving, all you need is an infographic.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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