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The Scoop – Better Drug Trials | Wearable Tech Revolutionizing Health | Home Health Tests November 18, 2013

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A powerful new computer simulator is being used to design better drug trials, with the very hopeful intention of bringing to market more new medicines.

Wall Street is watching the wearable tech industry closely, and here’s why –it has the potential to completely revolutionize health, for three big reasons: 1 – fitness trackers make it fun to be fit, and in the midst of our obesity epidemic we need all the help we can get; 2 – some devices like insulin pumps that are being developed improve the quality of life for patients; 3 – in-hospital devices that are being created (not to mention iPads and Google Glass, as well as increasingly improving devices and robots) have the potential to drastically improve health outcomes. Even non-tech companies like Under Armour is getting into the game, having acquired MapMyFitness. And some companies are looking at wearable devices as a way to improve relationships as well.

On a somewhat related note, the home health test market is expanding – it’s not just pregnancy tests anymore. Consumers can now self-test for cholesterol, celiac, urine infection, chlamydia, meningitis and more. And, educational CPR kiosks in airports and other public places have been shown in tests to be effective life-saving tools.

Those who want to comment on YouTube videos must do so now via Google+ – a change that has greatly decreased the number of comments. Ad Week is calling this change a potential boon to brands, as it offers more transparency and less trolling.

Go with your gut – recent research shows that gut bacteria affects what happens in your brain.

The Interwebs was a buzz this weekend over the inspirational images of Bat-kid saving the day, thanks to Make-A-Wish foundation. Take a look at the photos – they’ll make your day.

Carly Kuper
– VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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