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The Scoop – Programmatic Buying 101 | How Batkid Goes Viral | Statin Controversy November 19, 2013

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Programmatic buying is a confusing topic. Ad Week just ran a ‘for dummies’ explanation for those who want a deep understanding. So here’s the very basic rundown: programmatic buying today is a little like the Roomba. When they invented this totally automated vacuum cleaner, it was very exciting – let the robot do it for you! But there were issues with it that needed to be worked out, and you mostly still need a human. Programmatic buying, from a very simple standpoint, is automated buying that integrates data and insights. But it’s in its infancy, and not fully rolled out to the point where we can all throw out our vacuum cleaners. Programmatic is the inevitable future – we will be able to take advantage of technology to ever-improve the media buying process, but unlike with Roomba, humans will always be an important part of it. Programmatic doesn’t take the place of people (who still add a strategic and important role) – it takes the place of fax machines and email for making it all happen. So what about RTB? Real time bidding (RTB) is another aspect of programmatic that really has people buzzing. It allows us to utilize ad exchanges and better-than-ever insights about people’s usage to find people where they are. And just in time, as this can often provide the value that consumers are looking for from advertisers (with 70% saying yes, show me ads that are relevant to me.)

In yesterday’s Scoop I reported on the beautiful story of Batkid, a Make-a-Wish recipient who got to save the day. It’s interesting to see the journey of how the story went viral, being viewed by millions.

I was so surprised by this news I fell out of my chair: Dr. Eric Topol does not agree with the new recommendations for statin use. Somebody help me up.

The hospital room of the future has a caregiver hub and wall-embedded entertainment and vital monitors.

Qualcomm has entered the smartwatch game with Toq ($350.)

This isn’t related to our industry but I just had to share – it’s really terrible that super wealthy people can’t go for a drive in their Lamborghinis with their pet bears without being ogled.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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