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The Scoop – $1 Trillion in 2014 | LinkedIn Showcase Pages | Future of Vaccines November 20, 2013

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A new report shows drug spending among consumers worldwide will hit $1 trillion in 2014.

LinkedIn yesterday launched Showcase Pages, a new feature that allows companies to showcase products and services. TechCrunch reports, for example, “…Microsoft has been able to build a page focused on Office and another on Dynamics. Adobe, meanwhile, has created a page for its Creative Cloud suite of products and for its Marketing Cloud.”

A company called NuMedii is dedicated to seeing how medications approved for one condition may be able to help another. Often diseases that attack the body in opposite ways can be fought using the same type of treatment. The FDA approval process for medications already deemed safe in other trials is much shorter.

The future of vaccines may be needle-free, as several companies are close to launching alternatives that include inhalation, quick-dissolving film, jet injectors and microneedles.

Google Health Venture’s Calico has begun a bit of a hiring spree, snagging top talent from Roche and Princeton (both of whom previously worked at Genentech).

At Thanksgiving next week, Uncle Jeb may turn to you and say “what in darnation is Twitter anyway?” Bring up this video on your phone and enjoy a second helping.

Here’s what was hottest on the Interwebs over the last 24 hours: the world’s tallest waterslide is being built in Kansas City; a girl-power anthem that makes me feel really terrible for buying my daughter the Barbie Dream House she begged for; and your dose of adorable is right here.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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