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The Scoop – Happy Thanksgiving! | 23andMe Update | Cholesterol Guidelines November 27, 2013

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What do Thanksgiving and Chanukah have in common – other than, of course, being at the same time this year? That’s right: Adam Sandler. Enjoy the Turkey Song (here’s an explanation of the pop culture references for you young’uns) and the Chanukah song. That’s the spirit! If you’re traveling by plane, the best way to keep healthy is to bring (and use) Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer and your own water bottle.

Yesterday’s news that the FDA is halting 23andMe until it obtains proper regulatory approval was the hottest and most controversial news of the day. 23andMe issued an updated statement reminding of their mission (their initial statement here), to help people make better decisions and lead healthier lives. Much of the industry backlash was in support of 23andMe, but some are taking FDA’s side, explaining that the information is so powerful that people need more guidance (read: some people tend toward hypochondriac when they learn the information). And then there are many who are still on the fence – recognizing it may need approval, but mourning that it may be kept from many patients until it does.

A study found that the new cholesterol guidelines will increase statin use modestly.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and one mother who needed to find what was causing illness in her child has created TellSpec, which Mashable explains is “a spectrometer that can parse the ingredients of whatever you point it at and beam this information to an accompanying smartphone app.” This device, slated to launch this time next year, is still open for investing on Indiegogo.

MobiHealthNews reports on new Pew research: “Just 72 percent of Americans with one or more chronic conditions have internet access and only 78 percent have a mobile phone. That’s compared to 89 percent and 91 percent, respectively, of those without chronic illness.”

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategc Marketing & Corporate Communications

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