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The Scoop – Cyber Monday and Amazon Drones | Secret to Engagement | Pharmaceuticals by One Name December 2, 2013

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Welcome back and happy Cyber Monday. Amazon is the big fish in today’s news, having not only won Black Friday as the top-selling retailer (including this bizarro sale item) but also having won the PR game for announcing on last night’s 60 Minutes that they will be delivering packages via drone within 5 years. The other winner of Black Friday was Apple; more people used an Apple device than a Google-powered one for mobile shopping.

What’s the secret to engagement? Gawker Editor Neetzan Zimmerman spoke to Wall Street Journal: “His secret, he says, is a deep connection to his audience’s evolving, irreducibly human, primal sensibilities. Usually within a few seconds of seeing an item, Mr. Zimmerman can sense whether it’s destined to become a viral story.” By creating content that draws readers in, they can also invest in longer, less-sexy but more important stories that will keep them reading. So how do you create a really good story? This infographic shows how Hollywood does it – you start with structure, move on to plot, and don’t forget the players.

Pharmaceuticals should have one name that’s used forever, even beyond patent expiration, argues an oncology nurse in a New York Times article. She explains that HCPs have little brain power to spare to memorize two names for each medication, and a change like this would help them serve patients better.

JAMA’s covers are highly influential to our industry, causing one doctor to argue they missed the mark with its November issue, which focused on critical issues in US health care – the blog post points out that the cover only features one (perhaps two) woman. He writes: “The JAMA cover does not reflect the make up of medicine in America today. …My question is, if females make up so much of the medical workforce in America, why does the JAMA cover have a majority of males discussing the critical issues? Perhaps the issues need to be redefined, naming gender equality as one of them.”

eMarketer projects that advertisers will spend $9 billion on real-time bidding (RTB) by 2017.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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