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The Scoop – 3D Printing Day | Happtique Certified Apps | Code Lavender December 4, 2013

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Yesterday was 3D printing day, so MedCityNews profiled 5 of the coolest health-focused 3D projects, which includes: artificial ear, bone implant, a trachea splint that saved a newborn baby’s life, prosthetic hand, and – of course – medicine.

Just a few months after announcing their app certification program, Happtique has announced their first class of certified health apps, which includes some for diabetes and heart health.

Joining code red and code blue in doctor jargon is ‘code lavender,’ which means a HCP is going through too much stress. Several hospitals have introduced code lavender as a way for them to get help before burning out. And speaking of overwhelmed doctor trends, group doctor visits – first reported in Scoop last year – are getting some more positive PR as a way for patients to get more out of their visit and learn from peers. Physicians are also sleep deprived – an infographic shows they’re among the professions getting the least sleep at an average of 422 minutes a night. Home health aids are even lower at 417 minutes, and sales reps are among the best rested at 435.

My daughter told me that boys go to Jupiter to get stupider, and girls go to Mars to be superstars. That may not be true. But this is: science found that men and women’s brains actually are wired differently. Although they still can’t predict gender-based reasons for or destinations of desired space travel, the findings are the first pointing to differences between male and female brains.

Get that buzzword bingo card ready for the most over-used terms in Health IT: Innovation; Open, Meaningful Use, Workflow, Accountable, Robust, Big Data, Engagement, Disruptive and Interoperable. Do you have any to add?

My parents qualify for a senior discount at the movies but they use it rarely, because they like to stream video to their iPads and watch them while they Facetime on their iPhones with their grandkids. So it’s no surprise to me that Accenture found more seniors would like more mobile health-related technology.

1 billion people on statins – that’s the JAMA-predicted results if everyone followed the recent (somewhat controversial) guidelines.

A law professor explains why FDA got serious with 23andMe.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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