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The Scoop – Urine Infographic | Doctor Bloggers Criticize Couric | Twitter Tailored Audiences December 6, 2013

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It’s fabulously gloomy here in the Philadelphia area this morning, the perfect time for a hot coffee, a snuggly sweater and a urine hue analysis.

More doctor bloggers have added to the chorus of disgust over Katie Couric’s anti-vaccine sensationalism. Twitter darling Dr. Jen Gunter gives her a big “Sigh,” adding: “Too bad your producers didn’t think to ask anyone without an agenda other than evidence based medicine.”

Twitter has globally launched “tailored audiences,” a retargeting product that allows advertisers to show ads to tweeters who have previously visited a brand website.

People at risk of many conditions need more education, particularly – according to two separate news stories published this week – mental health and diabetes. World of Psychology addresses several myths about depression, explaining that depression doesn’t discriminate and isn’t stereotypical, people have the power to influence their mental health, relationships and work are important factors, and there is no single treatment action that works for everyone. Meanwhile, American Diabetes Association researchers surveyed more than 1,400 and found that many people at risk for diabetes don’t know they’re at risk, prompting the need for more direct patient education and more support to HCPs to have the conversation.

Back in the news this week are two of my favorite innovations of 2013: tele/video health – which has more and more startup entrants all the time – and …wait for it…. the smart bra.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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