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The Scoop – Smart Marketing and Holiday Cheer | Horrible Makeovers for Happiness | Surgery Ship December 10, 2013

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Seriously, I must be in the Christmas spirit, because this video of an airline marketing campaign made me cry – but you should still check it out: a Canadian airline filled the Christmas wishes of everyone on board one of their flights in a clever campaign that utilized video technology, smart marketing and good-old customer service.

Practice Fusion got a great holiday gift – $15 million in funding from Qualcomm. Apple is also in the spirit, launching its 12 days of gifts program again this year.

Let’s stay in the theme with this viral story about a foundation that thought laughter would help patients even more than looking good. Going with the quote “you know what I miss most – being carefree,” they gave cancer patients makeovers – horrible makeovers – to make them laugh. And it worked. Oh geez, I’m tearing up again.

The story of the surgery ship also seems like a fairy tale, but this massive floating hospital really does provide free surgery and care to many patients who don’t have access to healthcare.

A new study points to several reasons sales reps are being “edged out” of doctors’ offices, including digital preferences, older doctors being replaced by younger, and that many physicians are going into health systems rather than independent practice. Thanks to Lou Greisiger, Sr. Marketing Analytics Analyst, for this story.

Viagra may help menstrual cramps.

Happy 45th birthday to the computer mouse.

– VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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