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The Scoop – PM360 Innovator | 2013 Top Trend Review | Doctor on Demand Launches December 11, 2013

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We’re kvelling this morning because PM360 has named CMI/Compas as one of the year’s top innovators, citing our Own the Audience service as a top innovation “reaching underserved HCPs.” If you’d like to know more about Own the Audience, ask me – I love talking about it!

Kid President kicks off YouTube’s rewind on 2013 pop culture, which includes nods to Harlem Shake, Breaking Bad, Miley Cyrus, Dove’s ad campaign and footie pajamas. Turning our attention to the year in health trends, Mashable summarizes what they say are the top 5: data in the doctor’s office; smart clothes; augmented nutrition; virtual house calls and health rewards – do you agree that wearable tech/self-trackers are among the most important health game-changers of the year? (Thanks to Ketul Shah, Associate Director, Insights & Analytics, for sharing this article.)

Speaking of virtual house calls, the Doctor on Demand app has launched – right now consumers can see a doctor via their mobile device for $40 a pop. This is creating huge buzz in the press and I am VERY interested to see how this app does. And speaking of health and tech, consumer tech reporter Walt “Uncle Walt” Mossberg reviews glucose meters from LifeScan and iHealth Lab.

An economics professor blogging for NY Times gives a deep overview of how the Affordable Care Act will increase demand for doctors. It’s not quite as simple as more insured = more demand, and it’s interesting to see how many intricacies there are.

Katie Couric has responded in a statement to criticism that a recent show was sensationally and incorrectly anti-vaccine, with Couric admitting that the coverage could have been more balanced. Meh.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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