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The Scoop – New Research on Physician and Industry Perceptions of Sunshine Act |Doctor Shortage and Secondhand Stress | Wearables for Women December 12, 2013

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We have just released new research on physician and industry perceptions of Sunshine Act, specifically around perceptions of what is and is not reportable AND thoughts on how an emblem could help clarify this confusing topic. You can see the full research and many Sunshine Act resources at this link: Many thanks to the Scoop readers – including our clients and partners – who participated in the industry part of the study. Med Ad News Daily covered this research yesterday with an exclusive interview with our Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer Dr. Susan Dorfman; the results of the interview can be seen here and among other things includes additional insight into why we conducted this study.

The debate over the doctor shortage continues at NY Times; yesterday we saw the article that said there’d be a shortage but not for the reasons we think, last week it was that there would not be a shortage because technology will save doctors so much time, and today it swings back to reader (mostly HCP) opinions that because it’s critical for doctors to spend their time with patients, there will be a shortage. On a related note, doctor-blogger-tweeter Bryan Vartabedian comments on “secondhand stress,” a trend identified by Wall Street Journal that boils down to toxic coworkers bringing you down, man. Dr. Vartabedian explains that this is particularly true in healthcare.

Scientists are working on a way-cool ‘bio ben’ that will allow doctors to “draw layers of healing cells on damaged bones and cartilage,” GigaOm reports. (Thanks to COO James Woodland for this story.)

Yesterday’s Scoop looked at some of the top trends in pop culture and health of 2013, one of which was wearable health monitors – I’m happy to report on a new trend in designing new wearables specifically for women. I think this is great because although I love my Jawbone Up, it is a bit bulky on my absolutely lovely delicate wrist. Strong woman, skinny wrists; and I’m okay with that. Anyhoo. Speaking of trends, 2014 will bring some changes in health reports PwC in a new analysis of the top trends they’re expecting. They are:
1. Price transparency is growing as purchasers – consumers and employers – are demanding and receiving more information on cost and quality
2. Employers are exploring new health insurance options through private exchanges
3. New regulation aims to eliminate counterfeit medications in the drug supply chain
4. States are turning to managed care to help contain Medicaid long-term care costs
5. All healthcare companies need to rethink their roles and business models in the new health economy
6. Healthcare companies will need to change their rules on innovation — embrace “fail fast” approaches
7. Social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies are driving new health industry business models
8. Corporate venture capital is picking up the slack as traditional venture funding slows for pharmaceutical start-ups
9. Technology is redefining the healthcare job market
10. Drugmakers must rethink their clinical trial research methods, embracing alternative approaches

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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