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The Scoop – More Sunshine Act Highlights | Smell the Profits | Telling Off Your Customers December 16, 2013

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World of DTC Marketing covered highlights from research on physician and industry perceptions of Sunshine Act – if you missed it and would like a copy, let me know or visit our hub of Sunshine Act information.

On Friday UBM Canon alerted contacts that they are ceasing publication as of Dec. 31 – this includes MedAdNews, Pharmalive, Pharmalot, eKnowledgeBase and R&D Directions. As big fans of the publications, we were very sad to hear of this news.

Drugs will be released at the fastest pace yet since 1990, yet Wall Street Journal reports that the audiences we’re reaching are more skeptical and cost-conscious than ever, providing a unique challenge to our industry.

In last week’s Scoop we reported on the tricks supermarkets use to bring in customers, many of which have been used for decades; ushering in the new technology of this trade, Safeway’s new program takes all of this to the next level with “personalized pricing” – if I’m a vegetarian, I don’t need a coupon for steak, but if I get one for quinoa I might be willing to make an extra trip – Safeway takes those consumer behaviors and reaches out via app even before the customer walks into the store. Brilliant. In other (related) news, retailers are looking to smells to draw shoppers in and make them feel comfortable, and Under Armour utilized technology to create a real-time campaign that changed throughout Cyber Monday.

Many well-known brands revamped their logos in 2013, including Yahoo!, Google and ebay. Take a look at 15 of the brands who changed – see any major missteps?

A new 3D-printed skull allows med students to practice brain surgery.

AdWeek shows how one company won by ‘telling off’ one of its customers on Facebook – in support of their own employees – resulting in an outpouring of support from the rest of their customers. This is actually a heartwarming holiday tale. (Thanks to Mike Grosso, VP, Healthcare & Clinical Content Services, for this article.)

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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