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The Scoop – Special Issue: 2014 Predictions | eMarketer | War for Your Wrist | Consumer Tech in the OR December 17, 2013

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Today’s Scoop will be devoted to a look at the year ahead. From your wrist to the operating room, 2014 is expected to bring significant changes in technology. eMarketer’s 2014 predictions focus around the always-on, on-demand marketplace, which manifests in ever-increasing use of social media, always-on commerce, and heightened expectations for marketers. Regarding the latter, eMarketer explains that not only do consumers expect immediate action, but – thanks to today’s technology including Big Data – marketers can meet that demand better than ever. And from eMarketer’s mobile predications, Campaign Analyst Phil Turicik compiled the following key takeaways for the Scoop:
–Mobile advertising spending will reach $9.6 billion by end of 2013, a 120% increase over 2012
–Desktop/laptop ad spending in 2013 is still much higher at $32.9 billion, however this represents only a 1.7% increase from last year
–By 2017, mobile ad spending will eclipse desktop spending
—More consumers are onboarding with mobile technology and mobile’s capabilities are becoming more advanced
—Consumer shopping via mobile device is expected to continue growing
—YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are all working to expand their mobile advertising offerings to increase ad revenues
–The only desktop ad formats that still show growth in ad spend are videos and sponsorships, both of which are strong branding tools
–Banner ad spending growth and paid search spending growth are both expected to decline each year through 2017

Some think 2014 will finally be the year of “The Internet of Things,” explained by Quartz as “that effort to remotely control every object on earth.” Apple is focusing on invisible buttons (the ultimate user-friendly experience) where companies like Google are focusing on “anticipatory computing” – the technology knowing what you need before you express it.

The buzzphrase for 2014 already seems the be “the war for your wrist,” as wearables continue to boom in popularity, and Apple’s iWatch features continue to be buzzed about – the latest says it will have wireless charging (awesome). But Apple may not dominate the market, and trend watchers all seem to feel that wearable tech that integrates health tracking will boom while trackers dedicated only to health will fade away (and Google Glass will continue to grow, but slowly.)

Meanwhile in the operating room, today’s surgeons who’ve grown up playing video games are expecting better features to help them operate, and consumer tech is responding with products that offer the best possible user experience, including features like hands-free controllers and augmented reality.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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