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The Scoop – GSK’s Big Statement | Med Ed Influence | Big Data for Clinical Trial Recruiting December 18, 2013

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Please note that for the holiday season, Scoop will be on hiatus after Dec. 20, returning Jan. 6. Okay, let’s Scoop: arguably the biggest story of the day is GlaxoSmithKline’s press statement that they are changing their marketing practices to HCPs, including a new compensation system for sales reps, which is explained in the statement, and ceasing direct payments to HCPs for speaking engagements and attendance at medical conferences. The statement explained that GSK is focusing more on a multi-channel approach. CEO Andrew Witty told press that this is an organic change, but news media (including NPR and NY Times) are pointing to external changes including Sunshine Act and trouble in China for inciting this change.

A report published this week in JAMA shows that pharma companies give more money to companies that provide education to doctors than to other companies, and industry organizations are taking issue with the study’s conclusions that this suggests “undue industry influence.”

Big Data is being greatly utilized by pharma companies today for clinical trial recruiting.

After 22 years (that’s almost as old as CMI/Compas) Wall Street Journal Tech Guru Walt Mossberg has written his last column, and in it he focuses on what he feels were the most influential consumer tech innovations in the last two decades. I wasn’t surprised to see what’s on this top 10 list – Google, Facebook, the iPad, etc. – but I was surprised that health-specific tech was left out. And speaking of consumer technology, as more HCPs are bringing their personal devices to work (BYOD), more issues arise in terms of security and usability.

Words are important, and there’s a fine line between simple communication and offensive communication when discussing people with special needs. One parent speaks out about the terms commonly used (such as wheelchair bound) and the better alternatives (wheelchair user.)

The top ten global search topics of 2013, according to Google, include Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, Cory Monteith, Royal Baby, Harlem Shake, iPhone 5s and….in the “how to” category was twerking.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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