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The Scoop – Scooptastic 2013 | Google’s Ad Revenue | Awesome Interactive Print Ad December 20, 2013

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This is the last Scoop of 2013! Scoop is going on its annual hiatus for the holidays as I head out to my super-glamorous vacation. Everyone’s getting ready to party – in fact, even scientists are cutting loose, or so it seems with the news that some researchers have been experimenting with using vodka fumes to send text messages. Too many choices: go ahead and insert your own joke here: _____.

Google’s annual ad revenue per user is an insane $29.95. Compare this with Facebook’s at $6.12.

I’m very excited to get my January issue of Wired because of a Motorola print ad that is interactive – as a video on Mashable shows, the ad lets you change the colors of the image of the new phone case. Unfortunately this ad will only appear in New York and Chicago metro subscriptions. (Thanks to Phillip Katz, Manager, Insights & Analytics, for this video.)

Among CNN’s choice of top 10 ideas of 2013 is sensor implants, which takes wearable trackers a step further by going under the skin. Will this join genome mapping in 2014 for the ultimate patient experience?

An increasing consumer trend: using urgent care centers for primary care needs. More and more people are visiting these resources for non-chronic issues such as injuries or sore throats.

Thank you all for helping make this the best year yet – I love getting to write Scoop every day and thank you for the beautiful feedback and support in response. Happy New Year!

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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