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The Scoop – CES Photos and Videos | Hottest Launches from South Hall | Digital Health Summit January 9, 2014

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Now that EVP Eugene Lee and VP Product Development Karel Lahmy finally made it to CES, they may never leave – as you can see from their photos and videos, there’s practically no end to the excitement.

Here’s a recap from Karel, live from the floor: So apparently South Hall is THE place to be! It had all the coolest companies with the most interesting innovations – from healthcare related and wearable technology to THE coolest new thing now – 3D printing.
Cool companies/gadgets I saw today:
iFit – you can choose to run anywhere in the world and the treadmill will copy the terrain (hills and such), also they connect to Google street view which is AMAZING but I asked their people and it’s not as smooth yet. (I wish it would, then I could do the Tough Mudder without getting myself dirty with mud…).
Muse – measures brain activity to train on reducing stress!
94Fifty – So I am leaving CMI/Compas and going to play for the Lakers!! This super cool ball has sensor to measure the angle and speed when you shoot the ball, that is being displayed in the app and it can tell you what is the optimal way to shoot the ball!
• 3D Printing (Cube – and 3DSystems) from what I’ve seen the output can be anything – toys, guitars, chairs, platform shoes – you name it! 2014 will probably be the year where these printers hit the private market as the price goes down (they will go for $700-2,000), how useful for home use these will be is a different question

You can see videos, photos and ongoing commentary from Eugene and Karel in real-time on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Some other highlights from the last 24 hours:

The Digital Health Summit kicked off, and continues today. Unlike past years, they’ll have plenty to talk about, with a significant amount of launches pertaining to health.

Robots are hot, hot enough to be the models in the CES fashion show mentioned in Scoop yesterday. MedCityNews looks at which have potential in a children’s hospital, including one designed for children with autism.

But seriously, folks, what to buy? engadget has some ideas with their Best of CES finalist list, which includes three top fitness trackers (from LG, Razer and Jaybird, surprisingly, which may signal the end to fitbit’s reign). Meanwhile medGadget gives a rundown of some of the fitness trackers and smart watches being launched at CES, including some of the startup favorites like Pebble. If you have a friend who keeps asking which is the best one to get, this is the article to share.

The Future of Wearable Tech report created by Intel and PSFK is now available as a 30-page download. It reads less like a statistical report and more like an informed fantasy of what will be possible with the technology we’re building today, including meaningfully monitoring health, sharing personal emotions and needs, and blurring the lines between human and computer.

It’s been noticed by both Mashable and Health Populi that wearables are finally becoming sexy, in particular by teaming up with designers like Tory Burch.

Let me simmer with envy – the connected home, oh the connected home. The home of the incredibly-near future has a smart locks, outlets, cameras, sensors and lights. Not only is it possible – it’s affordable. Gimmie.

One more news story that will delight your inner child: Lego is launching a Simpsons set, shipping Feb. 1 [photos].

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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