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The Scoop – CES for Kids | Awesome Packaging | Doximity Bests AMA January 10, 2014

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Last day of CES is today, but things are far from winding down. Yesterday (the 7th birthday of iPhone) EVP Eugene Lee posted muchos videos on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, and VP Product Development Karel Lahmy shared more photos and the recap below. It just gets cooler and cooler.
I spent the last day covering what I missed on the first two days and still I found more cool stuff:
• Wearable Technology – I’ve found fitbit but no sign of Jawbone but there were at least dozen more companies that did the same thing, different design and one or two different features but the concept is similar – hand wrist that measures steps and sleep. The only company that tried to do things differently is iBitz where their target audience is the entire family (kids too!). I have to say that I was a bit disappointed as I wish there was something more innovative in that field, one major flaw for all these wrists is the fact that you must wear them all the time, an act of genius I had my UP charged on the night before the flight and of course I left it home on the only three days which I walked probably 20K steps day…sign me up when they invent tattoo steps tracking
• Smart watches – Only one company stood out from the rest – Burg – you can put a sim card inside the watch so it can accept and make calls! Personally I don’t think the smart watch will last long, first of all most of them are pretty ugly and remind me of those geeky 80s calculator watches and besides I don’t see the big value if you carry your smart phone with all the time anyway. I will stay with my pink girlie Swatches! (Note from Carly: Reuters agrees with you.)
• Kids – so do you want to know where your kids are? Check out Filip smart locator and phone plus cool design!
• More on Kids – how many of you had your toddler throw your phone to the toilet/bath/sink? Well fear no more! For $69.99 you can have your phone waterproof at Liquipel
• And last one on kids – no more scratches on my phone! ZAGG gave away their new invisible shield screen protector named “Glass,” I had my Galaxy S4 done and it does look as if the phone is covered with new glass.
• If you want to charge your phone anywhere in the world (well apart from London where sun is a rare thing) check out GOALZERO solar chargers
• There were hundreds of different headphones booths but the one that caught my eye were of BlueAnt as not only they are Bluetooth and HD audio but also waterproof! They will be out for sale soon, no more boring swim laps!
• Last – the ubercool-but-not-really-there-yet product of the day – laser projected keyboard

Also form CES – x-ray glasses that allow doctors to see through patients’’ skin. Whoa! Other highlights: Pfizer partners with a video game maker for Alzheimer’s; Forbes is considering Intel to be the next Apple; UnitedHealthcare and Zamzee partner on a weight loss pilot; Google’s Eric Schmidt makes his tech predictions for 2014; Facebook cancelled Sponsored Stories.

With cool products should come cool packaging – check out this group of inspirational packaging ideas, including a waterproof phone actually packaged and sold in water.

Doximity has announced something major: their social network now has more physicians registered than the AMA has members.

Will QR code haters celebrate the launch of an alternative called Clickable Paper? Philip Katz, Manager, Insights & Analytics, who shared this story says maybe not: “but I don’t really think this will change anything/take off since the barrier remains the same as for QR codes (i.e. asking someone to get their phone out, open an app and scan something).”

Search ad spend rose 12% over last year according to a new IgnitionOne report, which also showed that December ad spending increased significantly. (Thanks to Search Director Justin Freid for this story.)

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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