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The Scoop – CES Wrap-Up | Saving Doctors Time | Cross-Channel Campaign of the Week January 13, 2014

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I’m already having CES withdrawal! The treatment: a good infographic; this one showing the top trends showcased at CES. Microsoft was notably absent from CES last week, perhaps a sign that the company was either licking its 2013 wounds or quietly planning, depending on how you look at it. Microsoft is expected to have major changes this year, from management to products, the latter including phone, tablet and operating system – at least if it’s going to continue to survive in the years to come. Still, Microsoft will experience more damage in this “post-PC era.” Also feeling the threat: Apple; the company is feeling increased competition from both larger companies and the startups they inspired. A new ad campaign from Apple is getting positive attention though. In other news, check out the ‘best of CES’ winner: a very cool virtual reality headset. Applications in health? Heck yes. And Fast Company shares their top 12 ideas from CES, which includes (of course) wearables.

It’s a growing trend so simple it’s genius – the ‘solution’ to one of the busy doctor’s biggest time-sucks could just be a person devoted to each doctor who takes notes for them, so the doctor can completely focus on the patient.

Low-budget cross-channel idea of the week: IKEA ran a campaign in Norway asking customers a chance to win products by taking photos from the catalogue and posting to Instagram. After 4 weeks you could scroll through the entire catalogue on Instagram, thanks to the customers.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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