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The Scoop – Video Insights | Public Cancer Fight | Doctor Salaries January 15, 2014

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Campaign Analyst Phil Turicik kicks off today’s Scoop with some delicious tidbits about video content – email me if you’d like a copy of the full report he references.
Many of our clients’ marketing tactics direct users to watch videos on their websites. Invodo specializes in enhancing online retailers’ video content and visual experience. They compiled a benchmark report in Q2-Q3 2013 measuring e-commerce video response, engagement and conversion. A few key takeaways:
• 93% of marketers used video in their 2013 media mix
• 57% of consumers feel more confident in their purchase after seeing it in a video
• 52% of marketers claimed video was their top source for ROI
• Video viewers are 1.8x more likely to buy something after watching a video about it
• 65% of video viewers watch to 80% completion
• Very few viewers watch 100% of videos, making it essential to include purchase intent content in the first 80% of the video
• 12% of visitors to an e-commerce site will view a video if one is available
• Consumers primarily watch videos to educate themselves on difficult purchase decisions, such as electronics and items for the home
• Marketers create unique videos for all aspects of the purchase experience, from e-mail marketing to ad re-targeting to social media
• As computer and device technology improves, videos have increased in size, resolution and quality of content

And on to some spicy gossip, as a public fight over something extremely ludicrous continues to blow up – in one corner is Lisa Bonchek Adams, who is publicly chronicling her current battle with cancer. In the opposing corner is husband-wife duo Emma and Bill Keller (the latter is a former NY Times editor), who seem to think she should just shut up and suffer in silence. Understandably, the press is having an absolute field day with this, and Twitter users have come out in overwhelming support of Adams.

Today’s interesting factoid: what are doctor salaries like in other countries compared to the US? Spoiler alert: US doctors make the most.

That kaboom you heard was the explosion of mobile apps – usage of apps in 2013 increased by 115%.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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