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The Scoop – FDA on Social | Obama on Facebook | Cross-Channel Campaigns January 16, 2014

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FDA has released additional information on their stance on social media advertising. Our experts are working on a POV to give you guidance on this ongoing hot topic. One aspect of this appears to include any pharmaceutical company employee’s posts to Twitter and Facebook regarding the company’s products.

Speaking of Facebook, the Interwebs is abuzz after a journalist overheard President Obama remarking that a certain group (which we can surmise to be teens and 20-somethings) doesn’t use Facebook. In fact, there has been an ‘exodus’ of this group away from the site, as studies show, with use rising in surprising groups like 55-and-older. So this is actually great news if your audience is part of the older set and you’re looking to a Facebook campaign; bad news if you were targeting Doogie Howser. (If you don’t know who Doogie Howser is, you are probably also not using Facebook.)

So let’s look at a few alternatives. Pinterest has been grabbing users (here’s how to do it right), and traditional media continues to be of major importance (which even Mashable admits; thanks EVP Eugene Lee for the article.) What it all comes down to is knowing your audience – where they are and when. And you know who can help you with that.

In other FDA news, they have asked HCPs to stop giving patients high-dose acetaminophen, citing danger of liver damage.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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