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The Scoop – Exclusive CES Video Recap | Celebrity Pharmacist | Who Are the Happiest Doctors January 24, 2014

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We have a very special treat for you this morning – a recap video made just for you covering the hottest takeaways from this year’s CES. The video features EVP Eugene Lee and VP Product Development Karel Lahmy giving snackable soundbites that will be an extremely enjoyable 3 minutes 28 seconds of your day. Special thanks to my colleague Theresa Heintz for creating this video.

A ‘celebrity pharmacist’ (yes you read that right) is bringing sexy back to pharmacies with Stanley’s pharmacy (no relation), where you can get your meds AND a mixed drink, as well as a dose of relaxation. Sign me up.

Ophthalmologists are the happiest doctors, dermatologists are the skinniest, and general surgeons and family practitioners are the most overweight, according to the Medscape Physician Lifestyle Study, which surveyed 30,000 doctors on their life habits.

This 15 year old’s video rant on how doctors should treat her is a must-watch. She is upset that her doctors don’t let her sleep (with first the med student coming in to wake her up and examine her, followed by a parade of other doctors one by one, until the “important” doctor finally comes in) and that they only speak to her parents rather than directly to her.

A survey found that the majority of patients are willing to share private health information if it means helping others with a similar condition, but worry that the data may be used in detrimental ways, such as to deny them health care benefits.

One in 10 people over age 65 have dementia, and it will claim the life of 1 in 3 who have it. More interesting statistics in this infographic.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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