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The Scoop – Super Bowl Edition | Physician Mobile Behaviors | End of iPod January 29, 2014

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Kantar has issued a new study on doctors’ use of mobile devices, so I asked our Marketing Research Manager Diane DeStefano for an analysis, especially in comparison with our own Media Vitals research: “According to the Kantar study, when it comes to reading articles in medical journals, 28 percent of physicians use tablets and 21 percent use smartphones. In Media Vitals, we asked physicians what tasks they perform with mobile devices. Fifty-one percent report using tablets and 49 percent report using smartphones to ‘read medical news,’ and 48 report using tablets and 38 percent report using smartphones ‘to access clinical articles and abstracts.’ So, although there are differences in the way Kantar and Media Vitals phrase survey questions, I do think Kantar underestimates physicians’ comfort with mobile devices. Electronic media in mobile formats will become increasingly important to doctors who are being called upon to digest vitally important information in their limited spare time.”

The Super Bowl – which is happening in New Jersey, not New York, thankyouverymuch, remains the biggest single event in advertising despite the fact that you no longer have to actually wait for the game to see the ads. The big scandal so far is not – as you would think – coming from GoDaddy this year. GoDaddy actually has a pretty clever ad that uses skin to further rather than cheapen their brand. But I digress, actually the scandal buzz is coming from SodaStream, whose Scarlett Johansson ad was banned from being aired during Super Bowl for dissing on Coke and Pepsi – but considering the same thing happened to them last year, likelihood is they planned the ban.

You can see details on all bowl ads that have been released so far here. Weird seems to be a popular creative tactic this year. A Dannon Oikos ad goes from suggestive to awkward with a Full House reunion. Old Spice, which killed with “I’m on a boat,” goes the weird route with wigs and babies.

And then there are the car ads, of course. My family owns two Toyota cars so – in an interesting RM tactic – I received an email a few weeks ago with a preview of the ad. I love the Muppets. This ad is just ok. Audi says ‘say no to compromise’ with the scary tale of the Doberhuahua, not only in their ad but also in a teaser parody starring animal-rights advocate Sarah McLachlan. VW, which won in the past with its Darth Vader ad, touts its long-lasting cars by giving German engineers their wings.

If you’re disappointed with this year’s picks, here’s a cute list of the top 15 bowl ads of all time, and a list of the top funniest of all time (although both are missing my personal favorite: Terry Tate, Office Linebacker.)

I’ve been told that also happening during the Super Bowl is a football game, and was very interested to learn about the NFL’s first legally deaf offensive player, Derrick Coleman, who plays for the Seahawks. A little girl’s letter went viral when she shared her encouragement for Coleman because she and her twin both wear hearing aids.

Moving on, yesterday we learned that Google Glass can now come with prescription glasses; as part of this Google has worked out a deal with insurance companies to subsidize the prescription version. Could insurance companies help adoption of Google Glass? It’s important to note the subsidy would only work out to about $150; considering the prescription version costs $250 on top of Glass’s $1500, this is more about awareness than cost savings. (Thanks CMIO Susan Dorfman for this article.)

The age of the iPod may be over, as it has made way for its children iPhone and iPad.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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