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The Scoop – Sunshine Act Reporting Debate | Perfect Subject Line | Totally 80s In-Flight Video January 30, 2014

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A report by PM Live shows the discrepancy between how pharma companies feel about Sunshine Act reporting, “There is still no consensus on whether medical writing or editorial services support from pharma companies should be reported under the Sunshine Act.” At the European Meeting of the International Society for Medical Publications Professionals (ISMPP), representatives from Shire, Pfizer and AstraZeneca each explained their stances, which differ; PM Live reports Shire did not feel there was a transfer of value to the physician in these cases while Pfizer and AZ disagree.

Crafting the perfect email subject line takes a lot of skill, but TNW offers some great pointers: make it specific, make it searchable and include a call to action.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Super Bowl Scoop; it was ok, but apparently didn’t include enough data analysis. But don’t despair – thanks to Manager, Insights & Analytics Phil Katz for sharing this interactive graph that shows spend by industry over time. Unsurprisingly, the auto and beverage industries are often front-runners. Pharma falls in the ‘other’ category.

Speaking of analytics, flu trackers can now predict spread of flu and other health trends up to two months in advance.

Delta took the boring in-flight safety video and made it totally rad with a hilarious 80s theme. I watched the whole thing, and I’m not even on an airplane. Smooth move, Delta. If you’re under 30 and would like any of the video explained to you, text or fax me.

And now – straight from the Pentagon! (I’ve always wanted to be able to write that.) DNA tests will soon be able to be conducted in-field by police rather than taking up to 3 weeks in a lab. Jack Reacher!

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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