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The Scoop – Super Bowl Winner | Apple and FDA | 6 Miles in the Snow February 3, 2014

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Good morning,
If you missed the Super Bowl yesterday, the winner was the hashtag, having appeared in more ads than before, and used more than ever by consumers. I was watching the other big ad game, Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, and even the birds were tweeting. Really. It was beyond adorbs. But let’s get back to the big game – the other winners were Radio Shack, who took full ownership of its 80s reputation and called Hulk Hogan, Alf and others to come get their stuff; Budweiser for a cute puppy and a cuter farmer, and Seinfeld for…comedy (a new web series actually).

Apple has been busy in building up its mobile health offering, recently having met with FDA to discuss mobile medical apps. On a likely related note, the iWatch is in heavy development and looking pretty cool. And in this corner…Pebble – the smartwatch of choice for Kickstarter aficionados and those on the bleeding edge – is opening its app store today.

This is my favorite story of the weekend: a neurosurgeon walks 6 miles to save the life of his patient when snow shuts down all other travel.

New links have been found between sleep duration and depression.
– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communication

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