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The Scoop – Predictive Analytics | New Microsoft CEO | FDA Approves Colonoscopy Pill February 5, 2014

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IBM is utilizing Jeopardy Champion and Supercomputer Watson for predictive analytics. The computer analyzes a person’s social media profile stemming from Twitter, Facebook, etc., and can identify things such as whether the person will be having a baby or buying a home soon, their personality type (introvert/extrovert) and more. The video explains more, and as a bonus features a must-see cardigan. I want to note that CMI/Compas ByDoctor is the only service in our industry that can deliver deep analytics on HCPs…and I’m pretty sure Jose has a sweater like that.

A few big names are waking up to new jobs this morning; Microsoft has elevated Satya Nadella to CEO, leading many to wonder whether he’ll follow the footsteps of the first CEO Bill Gates or the second Steve Ballmer. Disruptor interruptus Dr. Eric Topol has been appointed as an advisor to AT&T’s digital health division with the title of Chief Medical Advisor. Topol also holds positions with Scripps Health and Medscape, among other organizations.

FDA has approved a new pill-sized camera as a colonoscopy alternative. My brother, who is both a TV producer and scatological, is going to love this.

I enjoyed reading this story about three generations of physicians who discuss how medicine has changed over time, from when only one insurance company existed, and visits were sometimes paid for in eggs. From the article: “’I don’t know how many days I’ve gone home after some pretty tragic nights at this hospital and collapsed crying into my wife’s arms because it was really sad what happened the night before,’ he says. ‘And all you can do is, like, you know, at least you were there trying to help.’ His father gently chimes in, ‘I don’t know if anybody could say it better than that. It is a calling.’”

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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