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The Scoop – Giving Ourselves Cancer | AOL PR Mess | Travel Surgery February 10, 2014

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A widely-shared and buzzed-about article from this weekend claims that we are “giving ourselves cancer” because of the increase in medical tests that give off radiation, many of which are unnecessary. The authors – a cardiologist and a radiologist – urge physicians and patients alike to use MRIs, CT scans and other tests sparingly and to challenge whether they are necessary.

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is finding himself in a PR mess after trying to explain reasons behind employee benefit cuts, noting that the sick babies of two AOL employees caused significant cost increases; the firestorm that resulted included a Slate-published essay by one of the parents who criticized Armstrong for reducing their plight to numbers. Armstrong responded by apologizing and reversing some of the decisions on the benefits.

What better time for some other major corporations to look good by offering their employees fully-sponsored trips to better medical care? Wal-Mart and Loews are both offering employees the chance to travel with a caregiver for surgery to select pre-designated locations.

A new service in New York City (where else?) is offering house calls to those suffering from hangovers.

Google Glass is soon to be offered to the public, so Google is stepping up PR efforts with a roadshow aimed at fighting the “glasshole” image. This includes making sure local politicians get the chance to try it out.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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