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The Scoop – ePharma Summit | Do Not Miss Report | Top Innovative Companies February 11, 2014

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The ePharma Summit is the talk of the town this week, and we have SVP Paulette McCarron tweeting live on the scene today. A major focus this year is on Search, and our Search experts have issued a brand-new whitepaper offering a primer on Search in our industry – if you’d like a free copy, please send me an email.

Another highlight of the week: Health Experience Project highlights our CMI/Compas: The Sunshine Act report as a DO NOT MISS report in 2014.

Today was a big day for innovation in the news. Let’s start with Fast Company’s list of top innovative companies, which includes Google and Apple (natch), as well as some in the wearable tech space – fitbit and Nike – and some in the hospital tech space – Philips and iRobot.

Google is soon to launch a content recommendation system for publisher websites; Venture Beat quotes a Google rep as saying, “Our engineers are working on a content recommendation beta that will present users relevant internal articles on your site after they read a page. This is a great way to drive loyal users and more pageviews.”

Facebook has been working on what in the world to do with all of their data, and one promising result is an analysis of audience reaction and interaction to TV shows. Facebook gives a view of what’s possible in a report produced in conjunction with a social media analytics firm.

FDA has approved two fitness trackers for use in clinical trials.

NY Times reports the Obama administration has further delayed parts of the health care law to allow additional flexibility for medium-sized businesses.

Hot on the interwebs this week is a new Aimee Mann song in which she imagines the common cold is cured – but you can’t cure it of loving you. The funny video – featuring Mann dressed as a the cold virus – makes me feel slightly less bad about my own cold this week.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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