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The Scoop – ePharma Summit Recap | Cell Motors | Sheryl Sandberg Takes on Stock Photos February 12, 2014

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If you’re missing this week’s ePharma Summit don’t fret – Paulette McCarron, SVP Group Media Director and Queen Baker shares takeaways from live on the scene. Her highlights are in italics, followed by the rest of today’s Scoop.
Today’s ePharma show was clearly focused on a couple of themes that were strung throughout the presentations. First and foremost, the clarion call was about CHANGE. Virtually every speaker focused on how Pharma can and must get AHEAD of change vs. reactionary. The subtext to this is that the current system is broken. The show started on a humorous note with a video roast of long term ePharma leader Paul Ivans. Shortly after Paul’s kick off street, the morning took a serious note as Paul introduced this year’s philanthropy effort. Paul had high level thoughts to kick off the day: 1) identify patients at risk 2) determine optimal path to treatment 3) Deliver best outcomes and 4) measure impact. He talked about the need for marketers to view the whole ecosystem holistically, and the urgency around getting INSIDE THE MD WORKFLOW.

The morning’s panelists were an amalgam of big Pharma digital experts, research and EHRs. They were asked to crystal ball the future. Monique Levy (Manhattan Research) spoke of the HCP need and desire to be led (and assisted in their needs) by Big Pharma. Nancy Phelan (BMS) spoke of Pharma’s old fashioned view of still focusing on BRAND rather than discrete customer segments. Craig DeLarge (Merck) echoed the charge to change by urging us to be “agents of change”. Badri Rengarajan (Evidera) believes personalization is the future and is already here. This means personalized and individual medical treatments and that we need to give patients something they can USE, not just something to play with.

Joe Shields from AZ’s entire talk was around change. He offered up 10 survival tips for Agents of Change with the reminder that the only way to master change is to “get ahead of it.”

The most impactful talk of the morning (based on personal opinion and group reaction) was that of Lisa Bodell’s “kill the company; end the status quo.” Lisa, a futurist that works with many regulated industries, focused on CHANGE, and anticipation of the future with things that are “possible, probable and preferable.” She focused on the what inhibits and prevents us from shaking up our own companies as change agents. She says we need to expand our purview and that: “managing is not leading”; “process over culture” and; “doing over thinking” are the mindsets strangling growth and that “only certain departments are allowed have ideas.” As she quoted “change is not mandatory and survival is not required.” She recommended that companies must change their approaches because change can’t be PUT on people but CREATED by them. While change is supported top down, it’s DRIVEN by the middle out. She challenged her audience to use her “assumption reversal tool” and asked: What assumptions are holding you back? and what two “rules” would you kill?

The HCP track has an intriguing presentation on a case study for a Pharma brand with a limited sales force and lots of white space…the use of VRep–a virtual live rep call that uses technology to put the rep live in the “face” of the MD–while enhancing the efforts of the “regular force”.

In the afternoon, my favorite presentation was on the Consumer learning track, and it was a case study on a video series produced by Merz Pharma in Germany. The focus was on the learning they discovered by asking patients with cervical dystonia about their struggles. It was incredibly moving (and educational) for them to learn that Pharma and MDs often have no real knowledge of the struggles of patients. This has moved them to figure out a better way to connect patients with other patient advocates to offer help and guidance.

Twitter this week recognized BI in a case study posted to their site for work the two did on #COPDchat – congratulations to John Pugh and team!

A Penn State research team figured out how to make teeny tiny little motors that can be inserted into cells, and then either control or kill the cells. Although actual use is a decade away, the potential for disease control is mind blowing. Thanks Jim Woodland for sharing this article.

The advertising industry is abuzz today over a new initiative by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg – author of Lean In – and Getty images to produce more stock photos that show gender equality. And seemingly hipster equality. I love this!

I said to myself I wouldn’t do any Sochi stories in Scoop, and then Molson Beer just had to install a beer vending machine at the Olympics that only provides beer to those with a Canadian passport. Oh Canada!

Modern Healthcare reports on a new deadline extension for EHRs: “The CMS is extending the deadline for physicians and other eligible professionals to attest to meaningful use for the Medicare EHR incentive program for the 2013 reporting year and is offering some hospitals a second chance at receiving payment—as well as possible relief from the program’s 2015 penalties for failing to comply in 2013. The new deadline for physicians is 11:59 p.m. March 31, pushed back from Feb. 28. The criteria still must have been met by Dec. 31, 2013, the end of the reporting period for the incentive payments.”

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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