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The Scoop – Cisco and Disney Support Innovation | NY Times’ Predictive Analytics | IBM’s Super Internet February 13, 2014

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So…it’s snowing again. In other news, innovation never takes a snow day! It just works from home! Several interesting innovative news items in the news today, including Cisco’s announcement that they’ll be investing $100 million in the development of the Internet of things, including supporting promising startups dabbling in the space. Meanwhile, where better to launch a startup than where dreams come true than Disney – the company has also entered the incubator business (and this is no Mickey Mouse operation). This may be my chance – I’ve had some Minnie ideas but they were all too Goofy.

The New York Times has begun enlisting predictive analytics to maintain its competitive stance as a publisher; the company is known for being ahead of the curve in utilizing technology including big data, and this latest move includes hiring a ‘chief data scientist’ on staff.

IBM scientists in Switzerland (who I imagine are working in a lab that’s inside an enormous castle for some reason) have developed the prototype of a teeny chip that produces Internet speeds 5,000 times faster than the average Internet connection and 400 times faster than Google Fiber.

We’re officially living in the post-PC world as Americans are now spending more time using mobile apps and mobile web than spending time on PCs, and of the PCs sold Apple sells more than any other company combined.

If I get 2 more punches on my Yapple Yogurt loyalty card I get a free frozen yogurt. Similarly, frequent users of the emergency room in Fort Worth Texas also enjoy the benefits of a loyalty program that’s pretty innovative – those who are identified as frequent users are entered into an educational program to help them manage their medical conditions and treatments to result in fewer emergency visits.

Here’s a new (and potentially totally false) trend that feels like a Throwback Thursday: some are turning to bloodletting via leeches to cure what ails them.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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