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The Scoop – Valentine’s Day Edition | Health Benefits of Love | Brands We Love | Ad Verification February 14, 2014

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Before getting to Valentine’s Day, I want to share that this is (one of the) reasons we offer world-class ad verification services – a recent report shows that only 40% of web traffic is human. Yeek.

Ah, Valentine’s Day! I just love love. If you’re in a relationship now, you can enjoy the health benefits of a big smooch. And if you’re not, you can utilize big data to game the system and find your soul mate – or use a new site that uses word-of-mouth. Or move to Colorado Springs – which Facebook determined is the best city to find love. We’re living longer, which means more time to get married – once or a few times. Anyone can find love, even nerds – although it helps if they’re super rich, and look out when they choose an engagement ring. When it all comes down to it, love is a chemical reaction that can’t be beat.

What brand do you love most? Both Nordstrom (thanks Karima Sharif for this article) and Starbucks generate love from their customers by reaching and engaging them with clever social media campaigns. The biggest element of each? Listening.

For the first time ever, the HBA is honoring three women of the year. The winners are: Shideh Sedgh Bina, Insigniam; Annalisa Jenkins, Merck Serono; and Patricia A. Maryland, Ascension Health. Congratulations!

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Services & Corporate Communications
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