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The Scoop – Team Care | Innovation Priorities of HCPs | #TacklingCancer February 18, 2014

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A new approach to patient care that’s getting some attention, called team care, has a group of HCPs – rather than just one – managing each patient. As the Wall Street Journal explains, “While the supervising doctor still directly oversees patient care, other medical professionals—nurse practitioners, physician assistants and clinical pharmacists—are performing more functions.” A patient may meet with one of the team members during a visit, and the team would then “huddle” to determine best method of care.

Efficiency is a top priority to HCPs, according to a new study on innovation. 65% of those polled see cost reduction as their top innovation priority, and their barriers include limited personnel, cultural/management challenges and limited investment capital.

Valentine’s Day has passed, but you can still get people to fall in love with your brand (aww) by realizing that – as Zig Ziglar said: “People don’t buy things for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons.” And as we all know, emotion plays a major part in health care. An infographic inspired by several famous marketers shares best practices including ensuring customer service is top-notch and ensuring that both content and design are excellent.

A saliva test done on boys with depression can predict who will develop major depression.

February is not only a month of heart health awareness, but also cancer awareness with World Cancer Day on Feb. 4; GE Healthcare hosted a #TacklingCancer tweet chat, which it promoted on all of its social channels. The social campaign resulted in over 900 tweets by 320 participants.

In other cancer news, scientists have created a cancer treatment that is being compared to a monorail that routes cancer to other parts of the body – toward easily operable areas and away from hard-to-treat areas.

A medical miracle has occurred – identical quadruplets were born to a woman in Mississippi who used no fertility treatment and actually thought she was having triplets. Shudder.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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