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The Scoop – comScore and Audience Metrics | Hot at Toy Fair | Apple’s Heart-Tracking Earbuds February 19, 2014

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Campaign Analysts Patti Flannery and Maryanne Ackershoek shared the following interesting news about a partnership between comScore and Google, both of which of course are partners of ours as well.
Last week, at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting (IAB ALM), comScore announced a transformative strategic partnership with Google that will help to simplify and accelerate the digital advertising market. comScore and Google are partnering to offer actionable audience metrics for brands. The partnership – which combines the respective strengths of both companies – brings powerful audience metrics, like reach, frequency and GRPs, from comScore validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®) into the DoubleClick ad management platform. CMI utilizes both of these products offered by comScore (vCE®) and Google (DoubleClick) and this will help to simplify/monitor our data sources for reporting. Ultimately, this means comScore/Google can offer the following benefits to our clients:
• Ease of Use: Media buyers and sellers will get third-party measurement of campaigns with a single click
• Cross-Screen Comparability at Scale: Reach, frequency and GRPs will be available to clients for real-time comparability to TV
• Neutrality: Neutral data from vCE in DoubleClick will enable buyers and sellers to confidently and quickly act on insights
IQ Rx will be hearing much more from comScore and Google in the coming months as these companies work together on the rollout, which will happen later this year.
Following this announcement, comScore inked similar deals with Acxiom, Epsilon and Batanga Media, Mediapost reports.

Toy Fair, the toy industry’s biggest trade show, is happening this week, and some of the toys being launched give a view into the technology of the future, including build-your-own DNA kits, huggable plush microbes and body parts, and personal robots. And into some of the bizarre ideas that toymakers have.

Apple is in the news AGAIN for advances in health technology as the company pursues a way to have their ubiquitous earbuds track health stats including heart rate. The NBA is also interested in wearable technology, putting sensors on players. I’m personally waiting for someone to put sensors on preschoolers – I think they are more active than anyone on earth.

A group of doctors from the Mayo Clinic have also entered the health tech innovation arena with startup Ambient Clinical Analytics, a patient management and clinical support tools provider that recently raised $1.1 million.

One in four consumers look at online reviews when choosing a doctor, according to new JAMA-published research.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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