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The Scoop – Trojan Advertising | Dementia Village | Knowing Your Audience February 21, 2014

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Let’s start today’s Scoop with some out-of-the-box ideas – three actually – that really got me thinking – each presents a unique yet controversial solution. The first story I’ll share is being called Trojan advertising; shipping company DHL used temperature-sensitive packaging to trick rival shipping companies into being seen delivering large packages that read “DHL Delivers Faster.” This prank has stirred such controversy that even DHL is stepping away, saying that one of its agencies created the ad without their blessing.

Our next story comes from the Netherlands where an entire village has been built just for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s – while this may sound controversial at first, this place smacks of brilliance, as it allows people to continue to live productive lives while still under constant watch and care.

And then there’s the girl scout who set up shop outside a legal cannabis clinic. That’s just smart marketing.

Campaign Analyst Elizabeth Speak shared the following: Looks like Yahoo has launches a new service for buying mobile ads – called Yahoo Gemini. Mobile advertising is becoming an ever more important part of the advertising world!

Lots of press this week about Google’s Project Tango, which has been called “the 3D smartphone” and “a competitor to Kinect.” The project will be inviting developers to come see what they can do, and speculation shows that there’s positive implications for health-related apps, which could include (I am guessing here) virtual physicals.

Pfizer CEO Ian C. Read has begun a contributing articles to LinkedIn; he is one of several high-ranking businesspeople – including Bill Gates and Richard Branson – tapped by the social network to beef up content.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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