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The Scoop – FDA Overhauls OTC Process | Pediatricians Say No to Retail Clinics | 3 Concepts of Mobile Marketing February 24, 2014

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Wall Street Journal reports that FDA “plans to overhaul the way it approves over-the-counter medical products, a move that will change how tens of thousands of medicines and personal care items reach U.S. store shelves. The products—from pain relievers to sunscreens to antifungal medicines—have for decades been approved through a time-consuming process that hampers manufacturers’ abilities to later modify their ingredients.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics has gone public against retail-based clinics, saying that they do not provide the kind of care that children need.

Educated people who don’t vaccinate their children – despite scientific evidence of its importance – are doing so because they’re spoiled neo-hippies who spend all day driving their hybrid cars to Whole Foods, according to experts who are just sick of this already.

This was a very interesting blog post that’s worth its 5-minute read – three important concepts in mobile marketing include:
1. Mobile has channels; social has platforms.
2. Targeting is mobile’s secret weapon.
3. People don’t connect with your brand on desktop or smartphone or tablet. They connect on desktop AND smartphone AND tablet. (We have seen this to be particularly true with doctors!)

Cool tech alert: the next gen YotaPhone will make use of its backside with an e-ink display. Cool to everyone but those of us who depend on a strong phone case to keep the dang thing from breaking every time I drop it.

Today’s inspiration: why waste the melting wax of a burning candle when you can capture it and build a brand new candle? The never ending candle has be thinking of ways to look differently at age-old problems.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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