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The Scoop – Road to Viewability | Smartphone Addiction | Samsung Health Features February 25, 2014

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Because all he really wants is for you to be happy, Senior Campaign Analyst Philip Turicik brings this morning key takeaways from a new Quantcast whitepaper (for a copy of the full whitepaper please email me.)
Ad verification and viewability are a hot topic in the digital advertising space. CMI/Compas has recently partnered with comScore and is rolling out its AdXpose and AdEffx tools for several of our clients’ campaigns. Quantcast just released a white paper titled “The Road to Viewability” with some industry insights and current best practices. Ad viewability measurement will have a big impact on the future of digital advertising media. A few key takeaways:
• In 2012, 1.8 trillion display ads were paid for but not seen
• New ad-verification technologies are forcing vendors to create more viewable inventory as advertisers want accountability for their media dollars
• The IAB has rolled out its 3MS initiative (Making Measurement Make Sense) to create a viewability standard that advertisers are demanding
• Media vendors are beginning to set viewability goals with clients for digital ad campaigns, with higher-viewability sites able to charge up to 2x the average CPM
• The IAB’s definition of a “viewable display impression” is when 50% or more of an ad loads on a page and is present for at least 1 second
• Optimizing a display media plan based on viewability will create more high-quality and high-viewability ad placements that better drive customers’ (or in our case, HCPs’) purchase (or prescribing) decisions
• No ad verification tool can measure 100% of impressions, however Media Rating Council (MRC)-certified third-party measurement tools (such as comScore’s AdXpose) can provide a high level accuracy, with some able to measure up to 90% of impressions served
• Above the fold (ATF) used to be considered a standard for viewability, however only 44% of ATF impressions are seen due to users immediately scrolling down the page and inconsistent standards across websites regarding what constitutes ATF vs. BTF (below the fold)
• Quantcast’s recommendations for advertisers include 1) partnering with a media/viewability measurement vendor, 2) determining the best approach for your business, 3) set realistic campaign goals for viewability measurement (should not be above 75%) and 4) maintain a high standard for viewability through optimization
• In the future, viewable impressions will become the standard for digital advertising campaigns, with vendors adopting viewability standards to remain relevant and competitive and advertisers getting more value for their media spend
• Viewability will soon go hand in hand with attribution, as early measurements indicate that conversion and viewability have a strong correlation

We just can’t seem to put our smartphones down, according to a study by Nielsen and several off-hand remarks by my husband. The former found that Americans use their smartphones about 34 hours per month, compared with 27 hours of computer time.

Samsung is continuing to invest in the health space, recently adding a heart sensor to its smart watches and newest Galaxy, and opening a digital health lab at UCSF. While there’s plenty of opportunity in the space, they’ll have plenty of competition; not only from Apple but also startups galore, a new one born of MIT called Quanttus has raised $19 million in funding. Microsoft is also dipping its toes in, having recently reported success in encouraging HCP adoption of the Surface tablet.

FiercePharma reports that FDA has been “quietly” testing generics for equivalency in labs across the US.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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