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The Scoop – eMarketer Mobile Insights | FDA Pain Med Approvals | Docs and Medicare February 26, 2014

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We’re starting off this fine day with some fascinating takeaways from the eMarketer Breakfast Event yesterday, thanks to Senior Media Planner Melissa Wackes and Assistant Media Planner Alana Ringler.
• With more than 50% of consumers expected to own a smartphone in 2014, mobile is more of a priority than ever in the integrated marketing mix
o Consumers, for the first time, are projected to spend more time with mobile devices than desktop devices in 2014
o 488% growth in mobile usage from 2010-2014
• Ad investment in mobile has also grown astronomically, whereas desktop investment is projected to plateau in 2014
o One-third of digital investment is projected to be allocated to mobile in 2014
o By 2017, mobile investment is projected to exceed desktop investment
• Strategies and prioritization in mobile, however, are lagging behind in comparison to more established channels
o Often a “last-in, first-out” mindset when budgeting for mobile: Budget is often allocated as a “check box.” This mindset can create less strategic recommendations without the proper KPIs and measurement put in place upfront
o Marketers often cite privacy issues, KPIs, fragmentation in mobile, and targeting challenges as the leading reasons for this mindset
• Targeting continues to mature, with audience/demographic targeting becoming increasingly important and increasingly more reliable
o Retargeting and cross-platform are emerging forms of targeting being developed by both industry leaders (Google, Facebook, etc.) and small start-ups
The most important thing is to use data about your targets and what they want to reach them with the right message, in the right medium, at the right time. Consumers have higher expectations than ever that messages are timely and relevant in order to engage.

Overwhelmed by concerns of drug abuse, FDA has decided to change the process of approving some pain medications, and to (possibly temporarily) revoke approval of Zogenix’s Zohydro. CNN reports this has been met with controversy on both sides, from patients who have been waiting for pain management options to activists trying to control drug abuse.

Of this infographic about physicians and Medicare, I feel the most interesting stat is that while fewer than 1% of doctors have opted out of Medicare, 42% of those who have are psychiatrists.

Advertising execs are becoming more confident to raise budgets according to a report by Perception Group. Mediapost reports that the “index, which asks ad executives whether they plan to spend more, less or the same on ad-supported media over the next 12 months, rose five points to a 21 in the fall of 2013.”

HIT Consultant reports some sad news in the EHR space: “Nearly half of physicians believe EHRs are making patient care worse, according to newly released data from marketing and research firm MPI Group and Medical Economics. The research reveals despite Meaningful Use incentives, physicians say it’s not nearly enough to cover the unanticipated costs associated with the need to increase staff, coupled with a loss in physician productivity that directly impact patient care.”

Someone actually made a list of all the wearables on the market; there’s 118 of them accounted for here, and almost everything is included with the exception of the truly stylish ankle bracelet that I’ve seen Lindsay Lohan wearing a few times.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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