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The Scoop – Our Bootstrapping History | HCPs and Smartphones | Facebook’s Streamlined Ad Campaigns February 27, 2014

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As we look forward to the CMI/Compas 25th Anniversary in April, it’s fun to look back at how things all got started. It took some creative bootstrapping, as pointed out in a new Inc. article featuring how our CEO Stan Woodland (as well as other entrepreneurs) took creative measures to get the business off the ground. The article quotes Stan as explaining, “…it was more than the money. Ensuring that I was able to use that time to deliver on promises helped me build trust with clients, and my entire business is built on trust and relationships.” And in 25 years that’s one thing that certainly hasn’t changed!

A new HIMSS survey found that 70% of HCPs use mobile devices to view patient information, and 69% said that their organizations provided them with smartphones.

Next week Facebook will be rolling out a simplified ad structure, which will allow for more streamlined campaigns.

Media placement of the week: a subway ad in Sweden for hair products shows a model whose hair blows around each time a train pulls into the station.

Assistant Media Planner Gillian Davis shared a new study that shows exposing older people to music can help ease pain, anxiety and depression.

This is no Mickey Mouse operation – the medical staff at Disney World utilizes their own EHR to keep staff healthy.

Random medical news of the day: selfies are lousy.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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