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The Scoop – How Marketers Can Fully Understand Audiences | Seth Rogen’s Alzheimer’s Appeal | Michelle Obama’s Nutrition Labels February 28, 2014

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It’s Friday – you made it! Let’s start off today’s Scoop with some interesting news to jump-start your brain. Did you know that it’s not enough to ask you audience what they want – it’s important to ask them of course – but it’s not enough, because much of what people want is unconscious? So says science guy Joel Weinberger (a Psychology professor) who explains that essentially we need to follow people’s behavior as well as their spoken desires. One example of this in practice is our ByDoctor suite of services that study physician behavior as well as direct-from-physician insights. Another example is Amazon’s recent patent on predictive purchasing that is beautifully explained in this blog – it’s not that they ask people what they may want to buy, they track browsing and past purchases, then (we surmise) move certain goods to warehouses closer to the potential buyer for an overall better buying experience.

Movie star Seth Rogen made an emotional and humorous appeal about the “ugly truth” of Alzheimer’s before a Senate Appropriations Committee. He then used Twitter to shame senators who did not attend the session and those who attended but did not seem to pay attention. I cannot applaud this effort loudly enough, well done Seth Rogen.

Michelle Obama is so super cool she inspired me to do her arm workout (note: do not ever do her arm workout, you’ll regret it.) Her latest contribution to the health of our nation is a newly designed nutrition label that emphasizes the important points, such as that there are 8 servings of chips in that bag, not one. Design can mean big things in health, and this nutrition label is just one example; another is within this video of a doctor/mom who used good design to help manage her son’s serious food allergies.

Former Healthline CEO West Shell III and former WebMD exec Dr. Phil Marshall have founded a new digital patient engagement offering called Conversa Health.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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