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The Scoop – Oscars Edition | Selfie Seen Round the World | Predictive Data’s Winning Night | Twitter’s New Ad Features March 3, 2014

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Samsung last night won best supporting in the Oscars. But the bad news is that Apple won best overall. Here’s why: Oscars host and everyone’s dream dance partner Ellen DeGeneres took the selfie-seen-round-the-world using a Samsung phone as part of a major branding deal. The photo, featuring some of today’s hottest celebrities, immediately broke records by being retweeted half a million times in 20 minutes (and as I write this continues to be retweeted exceeding 2 million). This should have clinched things for Samsung, but it didn’t, because as soon as she went backstage she switched back to her trusty iPhone. Ho boy. No doubt Samsung’s people and Ellen’s people are having a very somber breakfast meeting this morning. I guess the easy breezy lesson for brand marketers is to make sure that your spokespeople are loving and living your brand, even if they’re just promoting it for one night.

But that wasn’t the only tech story from last night’s Oscars. Predictive data also had a winning night, as discussion continued around how to predict winners, and a new statistics tool was presented that claimed it finally has it figured out. But anyone could have predicted Frozen for best animated I mean come ON.

Supervisor, Search Engine Marketing Mark Barletta shared for Scoop: “Twitter is introducing a new feature sure to make advertisers happy. Twitter advertisers will now have the option to promote accounts in search results, the great new high exposure ad placement for advertisers looking to promote their Twitter accounts, rather than promoting a specific Tweet.”

Publishers looking to aggregate content into an app would do right to follow the Flipboard model according to new data that shows the app accounts for 44% of the market versus competitors Zite (which I actually use and love), pulse and News360.

So if your brand is a little less than sexy, and I’m not saying it is, but let’s say your major product is office products. Or car insurance. No matter – you can still have a winning campaign on social media that engages customers and moves business. In fact, some of the most interesting social campaigns were hosted by feminine product companies. So there’s your inspiration for the day.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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