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The Scoop – Wharton Healthcare Business Conference | What is SEO | Yahoo! Blocks Google/Facebook Users March 6, 2014

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Inspired by the Wharton Healthcare Business Conference Reimagining Health Care, SVP Adam Scott Roberts shared the most fascinating takeaways: We’re experiencing technology disruption in every industry, not just pharma, but the sheer integration and availability of high-level technology is enabling things we never before imagined. As a result, we’re seeing a huge increase in the volume of VC funding against health technologies – many conference attendees were involved with a VC accelerator. A key example of this playing out in a very positive way was Seratis. Seratis is a care coordination tool that is a secure, patient-centric mobile application which enables doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to communicate with each other via text, images, and videos. Seritas is a new app supported in partnerships by the DreamIT Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield. The company founder, Divya, is a MD who is in the final year of an MBA and MPA program at Wharton and Harvard Kennedy School, respectively. She was inspired by the fact that she was given the same antiquated equipment (a pager) when she became a doctor – the same device her uncle was given when he first became a doctor over 30 years ago. So she had an idea that would allow faster and easier communication, and just went ahead and built it. Because of this app, HCPs can now quickly and easily communicate in a secure environment, improving efficiency.

Hot in the news today:
• A survey on Americans’ awareness of technology found that 11% think HTML is the name of a STD and that more than 77% don’t know what SEO means. (If you want to move into the 33%, email me for a copy of our whitepaper primer on all things Search marketing.)
• News aggregator Flipboard will buy Zite from CNN for an estimated 3 times what CNN had paid.
• Doctors are hoping to cure HIV in an infant born with it; if successful this would be the second case reported.
• A study found that we may be greatly underestimating the number of people who die from Alzheimer’s – by up to five times.
• Yahoo! is up for a fight, blocking users with Google and Facebook accounts from their services including Flickr. Uh oh.
• American adults spend 11 hours/day with electronic media and the breakdown is interesting among TV (still #1), smartphone, Internet, DVD, game console, etc.

Smarties at Stanford got together four physicians for a mini roundtable on how they’re using Google Glass now and plan to in the future; the uses are vast, from checkup through surgery, and their plans are equally interesting – one doc wants to be able to send it home with patients who need continuous monitoring, while another is hopeful that the device will help gamify a healthy lifestyle for prevention.

The number of physicians holding seats in Congress has risen in past years, and may mean positive changes for practicing doctors today and for health policy overall. In 1959 only 5 were physicians, today that number is 20.

A new eyeforpharma report, summarizes Richard Meyer, has great info on adherence including that a significant number of non-adherence cases are “voluntary,” including that they think it’s unnecessary, have concerns about the medication, have financial concerns/issues, are forgetful (does that still count as voluntary?), have religious or cultural beliefs that conflict, are depressed, or are unable to follow the treatment (I’m not sure this should count as voluntary either.) Good summary though of the top seven causes of non-adherence.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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