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The Scoop – New Media Selfie | Yahoo! Moms Study | Apps of the Week March 7, 2014

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Happy Friday – boy did this week zoom by. It started with the selfie-seen-round-the-world, and is ending with another, this one slightly less star-studded: a baby boomer with around 20 Twitter followers decided to see whether he could get as many retweets as Ellen. You’d think it would end around…well, 20. But no – not in today’s meme-obsessed world. As I write this he has reached more than 157k RTs. Here’s why I love this story, from Mashable: “As Nicholas Carlson at Business Insider pointed out, the success of Ellen’s selfie is really a ‘tribute to old media.’ A celebrity on television told the world to share something, and they did. By contrast, the success of a tweet like Shipman’s is a distinct tribute to Twitter.” And speaking of Twitter, if that story made you smile, this one will make you LOL.

What should we know about Moms’ online behavior? Other than the fact that my daughter lost her first tooth last night so I posted photos to Instagram and Facebook? 66% of moms prefer personally relevant ads, and there are big differences in preferences between Boomer moms and Millennial moms. And, 91% of moms say kids influence their grocery store purchases, with 27% saying kids are very influential, which is why I bought a lot of popsicles this week. Yahoo! has launched its study of Moms’ online behaviors and preferences and it’s a goldmine of information. Thanks to Media Director Beth Barron for sharing this study.

Some very interesting app launches this week; the first shared by Senior Media Planner Kelly McFadden is Spritz, which aims to help people speed their reading (to a novel every 90 minutes – whoa), a critical skill in the information age. Jawbone Up enhanced their app to allow users to correlate coffee intake with sleep quality, cool in itself but fascinating to think what other health applications are next. And, okay, this one’s not an app, it’s a phone case – but the Wello for iPhone can read vital signs. And finally – an app that mimics the smell of bacon frying, created by Oscar Meyer’s Institute for the Advancement of Bacon, because Internet.

Epic has signed on to provide EHR support for CVS Caremark, a major deal indicating CVS’ continuing investment in its Minute Clinics.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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