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The Scoop – Paper Chase | SxSW Interactive | Cosmos Makes Science Cool March 10, 2014

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SxSW Interactive began this weekend; before I get to that epic nerd-fest, wanted to share a great article from this month’s MM&M that looks at where journals are going, featuring expert commentary from our own Nicole Woodland-De Van, SVP Buying Services & Deliverables. Nicole explains that our industry is getting bolder, and bringing consumer behaviors and insights to the digital side of journal publishing. If you’ve been looking for the full download on journals today, this is a must-read.

And on to SxSWi, from where our roving correspondents Eugene Lee, EVP Managing Director CMI and Colleen Radano, Account Coordinator Compas, have been sharing dispatches all weekend. There is SO MUCH GOOD STUFF that it’s testing my Scooping skills, but luckily if I miss a few things I can always share tomorrow. It’s hard to tell yet what this year’s breakout trend is, but the Internet of Things/Everything is a frontrunner in my opinion. Without further ado, here are some gorgeous tidbits from Eugene, Colleen, and the press machine:
• Clients are looking for an emotional connection. It isn’t about a metric that directly connects to business success, but it is about building a relationship and the emotional connection. Tough to directly measure that.
• Launching its new line of pizzas, Subway used their booth to showcase a headset that claimed to determine which user was craving pizza more (see a photo of this and other happenings on our Facebook page.)
• Dell’s real-time marketing approach is: Listen, Learn, Engage and Act
• Real-time marketing is a necessity, there is risk, but you have to accept those risks and you cannot avoid having to do it and figure it out.
• Key is bringing legal into process early with concepts & questions. Make friends with them. (If anything should be embroidered on a pillow it’s that.)
• Agencies help set strategy in real-time, but the actual connection should be direct with the company employees and customers. This was a unanimous point on an OMMA advertising panel. None have agencies managing this task. it is actually done by employees.
• Many industries have experienced a moment of creative destruction which have resulted in re-imagination, it is happening to health. This shift has also impacted the talent that is coming to the health industry.
• Wearables are not limited to fitness tracking
• Entrepreneurship = having an idea you believe in that everyone else thinks is stupid.
• And then there was this exchange: Nas: “Let’s talk about self-driving cars.” Ben Horowitz: “Okay.” Nas: “…..those exist.”
• In addition to Nas, some of the celebs capturing attention – now remember that #SxSWi celebs are going to be different from real-world celebs – are Grumpy Cat, Oreo, Mindy Kaling and Bill Nye.
• Look back as you look forward – Fast Company writers publish their favorite SxSW memories from the past 20 years.
• As mentioned, The Internet of Things is, understandably, a major trend this year. If anything is possible, then turn your imagination to “anything is possible…in advertising.” Where can you be reaching consumers? The answer is open ended.
• Another trend as at CES: wearables. Google announced that they’ll be more wearable-friendly moving forward.
• IBM gives Watson its next challenge: cooking. We are so close to the Jetsons I can smell it.
• 23andMe’s CEO Anne Wojcicki admitted in a SxSW keynote that the FDA’s decision to halt the company’s process was a blow that “has had a significant impact on the business,” and used the forum to give examples of how her company’s product had helped real people in significant ways.
Real-time updates can be found on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as on Eugene’s Twitter feed. More tomorrow!

And in other news, it’s hard to believe but there were some nerds that were actually not at SxSW, and we were all positioned in front of the TV at 9pm last night watching Cosmos. Science is cool again, kids. Two word review: mind blown.

And another tech innovation – MIT is working on insoles that will help visually impaired people to be more independent. So cool. Thanks Media Planner Nikki Faretra for this find.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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