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The Scoop – The Dangers of SxSW | SxSW Standout Brands | OOH Winners March 11, 2014

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Nope. SxSW content did not get easier to aggregate overnight. Again – SO MUCH GREAT STUFF. Let’s start with a cautionary tale about the dangers of SxSW. Two friends of mine were sitting in a small restaurant eating barbeque and minding their own business, when suddenly Justin Bieber began performing. The resulting hubbub caused one of my friends to spill his beer. But that’s not all the danger you can experience at SxSW – there’s also been reports of bear attacks…by a bear that hates texting.

Microsoft won smart branding move of the day yesterday; by monitoring the tag #sxwproblems they were among the first to learn that a startup group had all of their (mostly Mac) laptops stolen; Microsoft swooped in with free new laptops for all, converting those Apple users and giving everyone a warm and fuzzy feeling. Nice job.

I love me a good billboard, and Eugene Lee, EVP, Man on the Scene, reported back to us on an out-of-home panel yesterday did not disappoint – see some great examples presented on our Facebook page in the SxSW photo album. And an example of how OOH could be used at the airport – NFC inside the security bins so when you put your phone in it sends you a message.

A few more takeaways from yesterday from Eugene and Colleen Radano, Account Coordinator:
• A session featuring Robert Scoble focused heavily on the reminder that Google Glass is in beta and therefore essentially in its infancy, so people shouldn’t get down on it so much.
• “We firmly believe that all data should be free. And once you believe in that concept, your organization should revolve around it, or else another organization will come along and do it, buckling you from the bottom.” -Stan Humphries, Zillow Chief Economist, Zillow
• You can see more on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, including a Vine video of the raddest t-shirt ever.

Even toilet paper got in the game at SxSW Interactive, because, you know, there’s technology involved in that too. I applaud their pluck.

In other news…quite related to the article I shared yesterday on the state of journal media is this news that while print newspaper readership is down, overall their stocks are going up, up, up, thanks to multimedia diversification. Says one stock analyst: “I wouldn’t buy a newspaper company [stock] because it’s a newspaper company. They’re really broadcast companies now.”

Research directors at pharma companies actually have pretty cool jobs, reports Wall Street Journal, which likens it to being a Brad Pitt in Moneyball – or a more-capable Stephanie Plum: “Like baseball scouts trying to pick tomorrow’s big-leaguers from farm teams, Dr. Lebowitz and drug-company scientists such as him are playing an increasingly vital role as hunters of new medicines from outside their labs to refresh aging product rosters.” In this day and age of increasingly difficult drug discovery, larger pharma companies are employing creative ways to uncover the next big cure. This article is password protected so if you’d like to see full text please let me know.

Oh Facebook, you’ve done something different with your look. Haircut? New lipstick? Trim your moustache? No wait – it’s a new feed style. It looks good on ya.

One of the most inspirational professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet is Pfizer CMO Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, and so it was a particular treat to get to read this Q&A in the Wall Street Journal, which focuses on the role of a CMO at a pharma company. In particular, Dr. Lewis-Hall sees it as her role to help improve the image of the industry.

Thanks to Senior Campaign Analyst Phil Turicik for sharing this tidbit: According to Diabetes Care, drinking alcohol (particularly wine) may help reduce the risk of a cardiovascular event for people with type 2 diabetes.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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